There are several possibilities for research grants to work with our research group.

-If your university has an exchange programme with Poitiers University (bilateral or part of a network – IRUN, COIMBRA, ERASMUS, ERANET MUNDUS Russia, ERANET MUNDUS Al Idrissi -Maghreb) – this may be used.

Please contact your university international relations department or Poitiers International Relations office.

-If you are a full professor or a have a full post-doc research position there are twice yearly submissions for grants from the Poitou-Charentes Region in collaboration with and via the Poitiers research laboratories in social sciences which the MIMMOC regularly makes submissions for.

Please contact the academic in the group whose research is closest to yours.

Please consult : .
Aide aux chercheurs internationaux Université de Poitiers

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